I have had Lessons in Professional Rambling

Eventually the words will come smooth, sleek, and beautiful.

I woke up this afternoon with a burning sense of purpose…for what I can not even tell you. Maybe as simple as developing my focus. I seem to have lost my self in the figurative swamp. Flashlights and Bloodhounds do no good if you aren’t ready to be found. I am ready.

I rarely believe in something outside of our physical realm. If however there is such a force then you were set in my path at this moment to wake me up. A thousand thank yous for being you. A thousand thank you’s for being an honorable man and a true friend.

complacency has never suited me. I apologize to all of you for my mental and emotional laziness lately. I was never meant for coasting. I have never been good at the smile and nod. My docility is a symptom. The signs all point to bitch you got a problem.

It may be different now

I can promise nothing

I know you may not want to come along for the ride

but if you do well…

just try to keep up


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