The Faith of the Faithless


I have been struggling as of late, finding my voice after a long period of purposefully or at least semi purposefully pressing my feelings into a small and manageable form.

How Can I touch the passions of my art when it has been so long since I’ve allowed myself to feel truly passionate about anything outside of my children?

A conundrum to be sure

There is a thing that I am still passionate about though, 4 things really: Truth, Experience, Communication, and Learning. These things are powerfully tangled up in my mind and heart, and when combined, create a personal truth that is nearly sacrosanct.

This is the thing I need to make clear to me or you.

When I write a poem, paint a picture, play a song, when I run fingertips over your jaw line, or taste that sweet hollow in at the base of of your throat,  I press inward, past the skin, along the lines of my veins, to the bone deep truth in me. The only truths I can possess, I rip out of me, like my still beating heart; fresh, raw, and bleeding.

This is my gift to this moment

My one remaining act of faith


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