A Not Entirely Uncertain Future


Old age seems to have mellowed me, Smoothed over my jagged anxiety prone edges. I find myself at this late stage in the game, having to rewrite all my personal rules. It seems my expectations came up a bit short.

Three years ago If you told me I would be blessed with a full thriving happy family soon I would have laughed at you. I would have told you that it was just me and my boys and that was just fine. I was happy. I wouldn’t have been lying either. I was totally content with my solitary plus big kids life. Being that person gave me resilience and center that I’d been unable to attain previously. 
So imagine my surprise as I sit here part of a happy supportive extended family, a community,  a new baby…feeling relaxed and fulfilled in ways I never thought possible.

This is a love story, my glorious salute to the universe for bringing these exquisite people into my life. For blessing me with truly wonderful children, for my loves who walk with me, support me, and love me in all my awkward eccentric awesomeness.


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