The Trouble with Transitions


I recently returned to being a Sahm which is absolutely a blessing. There is nothing I would rather be doing than mothering my children. The trouble is that this was a decision made in a large part due to my chronically poor health. It at the very least forced our hand in making this decision a few months before it would be ideal.

So now my family struggles because of my struggle.  Ouch.

I know we will be fine but in the mean time, getting things sorted out, settling in, just the change in and of itself is extremely stressful for me.

Hi my name is Selissa and I hate change even when I am not pregnant and drowning in hormones. Thanks for understanding.

I struggle with feelings of failure and being a burden though I know I can’t let that take hold. It’s important to keep moving forward in positivity.

So let’s focus on the positive for a moment, I am really getting excited about this, our last birth. I read birth stories and research because I’m a research nerd. I have a really strong feeling, that however it ends up going down specifically. It will be exactly how it needs to be in every way. I have felt such peace and strength with this pregnancy all along. I feel as if I have come full circle in my growth as a mother, partner, and birthing woman. This feels right, complete, and whole…now I just have to be patient for a few more months. Ha!


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