The Birth of my Littlest Empress

My birth story as posted on my other blog

13 Moments


I had been having prodomal labor for almost a week, never going away completely but only getting minutely stronger over the week. The last two days had been hormonal hell, crying over everything on earth, not wanting to be around anyone. I felt like i was in labor…but I wasn’t. Fuuuck.

Saturday Milton and I talked about my fears about going over due (R’s birth related ptsd), the issues with even natural induction methods, and any other issues I needed to sob out. I cried, he supported, I felt ready, he cleaned the bathroom, it was baby time…except it wasn’t.

On Sunday I ordered a gentle birth tincture almost exclusively in hopes that if I ordered 2 day shipping, I’d go into labor before it got here.

Monday I woke up yet again over all devastated, cried over Facebook like a child and decided to take a bath.

In the…

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