Ramblings of a post apocalyptic digital imprint.

My partner’s thoughts in these troubled times

Confessions of an Urban Shaman

Zen’s am exuberance is always a pleasure even when I’m bone tired. But I’m thankful for it.

I pulled up Flipboard while walking her, saw the various stories about the injustice in Cleveland and as usual a flood of sadness and pain fills me.

In so many ways I was blessed in 2015. Our home birth experience was a joyful moment in my life. Spending time solidifying my relationship with my soon to be. …watching our five children grow.
My job still sucks balls. I still get paid peanuts. But even that could not shake my faith in a brighter tomorrow.

Yet, I’ve been hiding a deep depression.

The constant death and madness has heightened my awareness of my surroundings. I have a hard time relaxing. I’ve alienated myself further from coworkers. Mistrust abounds.
What turns a man. …
I remain optimistic.
One of my favorite master teachers has asked…

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