Day 1, Breathing Treatment 2


It’s raining today so of course my asthma is really bad. This will be my second breathing treatment today…I doubt it will be my last. I had things to do today that really desperately needed doing, but not today. If I go out into the world today I could end up very ill for months. So I stay home, trying not to feel to much like a burden.

Halfway through my treatment, The Empress got fussy so she joined me. These days she spends breathing treatments tugging on the tubing and checking out if there is anything near by to eat or grab. There isn’t. Thankfully she is patient. Her big sister is counting muffin tins.

“One two, one two” 

equal parts loud and adorable.

The treatment makes my bones rattle and puts my teeth on edge, jittery. There are things I should be doing in the house, trying to do some online work, laundry, crocheting bibs, or knitting Lucien’s birthday kitty but I am exhausted from the meds, and to jittery to focus or use my hands.

I’m ok though. This is not a complaint. This a documentation.  This is my Thursday, perfectly normal. So far it’s going pretty ok




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