Day 1, treatment 4


I won’t lie to you, a four breathing treatment day is a bummer of a day. I already want to give up. Wouldn’t it just be easier to ignore what this is really like?

Four treatment days jangle my nerves, make me feel frazzled and overwhelmed. I feel bad, I am easily frustrated at this point in the day.

What was the terrible thing that set me off? I laid down in exhaustion. Yup, that’s it. I may not be able to sleep for awhile now. The medicine keeps me up as well.

Still, even though my directive is to document my asthma, my life in perpetual weakness, it bears mentioning that otherwise it has been a really good day. The boys were fun and snuggly while the little girls adorable and snuggly. Snuggles all around! I may not have been able to get a lot of things done, but my how it increases my appreciation of what I can do


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