Snow Days (day 3, treatment 1)


This morning Milton and I actually got to wake up naturally. Laying in each other’s arms, talking about our dreams, the state of the world, standard pillow talk for us. Then the littlest Prince came barreling down the hall, “it’s snowing and actually sticking!” He was wrapped in a Snuggie, it was quite precious. Eventually we got up and started our day, an idyllic morning.

Regardless of how beautiful it may be, my lungs know the truth. Snow is just another form of precipitation, and my lungs do not approve of precipitation in any form. So of course getting up and changing the orientation of my body, combined with the light snow outside caused me to have another attack. Yay.

I spent the breathing treatment, measuring the exact depths, of one of the possibly inevitable side effects of chronic illness for me, debt. It was bad but I won’t bore you with the details.

So that’s my morning so far, pretty good all in all, a morning in the life. Beautiful family combined with sickness and financial stress, the definition of my life. Maybe my gravestone will say Selissa, she was poor as fuck but happy.


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