Tonight I feel pressed down and sad

Tonight I don’t feel quite real

No deep wisdom

Or witty observations

There is only me 

And this day to day alienation

Never quite sure which identities are mine to feel 

Am I queer enough? 

Transgender-Nonbinary-Chronically ill enough? 

Yes. Yes. Yes. Of course. Of course I am. 

I know all the things to say

Everything I should think

But still sometimes I wonder 


Need reminding 

that no matter how weird I feel

Different or Unusual

No matter how secluded I am here

This isolation


I am enough.


4 thoughts on “Questions Worth Answering

  1. We only ever need be “enough” for our selves. I struggle with detaching “enough for others” from “enough for self”. It’s hard to let go of that learned need to find our identities in a comparative sense as opposed to a self-defining entity development.

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