Random Rambles of a Decaffeinated Prophet

Struggle , survival, and determined victory are all part of life and love for all of us

Told beautifully and bluntly by this blogger, Milton Goosby.

Confessions of an Urban Shaman

Being woke does not make one enlightened. Enlightenment doesn’t get you closer to your heaven.
Heaven is a construct, much like this matrix we dwell in.

We are the sum total of flesh, desire, movement, motivation, ambition…

I’m not a sage. I’m not saved. Can’t speak to your woes. But I know pain. I understand depression. Struggle only lasts so long as you let it consume you.

And then, just so, you find yourself on the cusp of suicide as your children use you as a jungle gym, infectious laughter rattles the bones.
One is reminded that life don’t owe you shit. Society gives a fuck about your feelings. You are what they presumptuously proclaim behind Trump placards, liberal hipster shin digs and Afrocentric sock hops. Outcast. Uninformed. Nigger.

Then you get mad.

Nigga rage gene mad. Slap a muthafucka for looking at you wrong mad.

Then you further realize…

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