On Safety Pins, Allyship and Consideration

My partner’s words in these grim times

Confessions of an Urban Shaman

Am I alright?
What say you Kendrick, in your modest house?

Fuck no, I’m not really sure. My daughters are going to spend the next four years living around an already mistrustful old coot in an overt quasi-facist police state. Every time I look at a white person I don’t know, I judge. Hard. I pat my pocket, clench my fist and give them the thousand yard stare when they smile, I assume, condescendingly.

I can’t even fake it at work. I pop in my earbuds, listen to Public Enemy, Mykki Blanco, Anderson.paak, and Lose My Mind by Jeezy.

Heard movement on my porch earlier, snatched open the door, intent on smashing, and startled the poor mail man.

This is where I am right now.

In our lifetime, the prologue for a dystopian novel is being played out daily, on t.v., in social media, in our streets. Racists have been…

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