A Different Sort of Fight Song

The time is now

Most everyone agrees

The time to fight, to protest, to use all the strength we have in our bodies to try and right this sinking ship

This walking disaster

This oncoming presidency of bigotry

I know I need to fight

Need to do anything and everything I can

To do the things which are right




I have a cold

such a tiny little cold

really just a sniffle to most anyone else

my body is different though

my body has a weak immune system

and incredibly weak lungs

I can feel my small plateau of function draining away

sliding, slippery and cold, down the length of my body

and into the brisk winter air

where it will stay until the days stretch long and hot

until the rains dry up


because this has been my good patch

this has been the most i get this year


I would scream into the abyss at having so little left to give

-frankly I wouldn’t be able to breathe

So I carry on

Do what I can, when I can

I type these little words

To provide a little warmth in the closing gloom

So that hopefully you may know you are not alone

So that hopefully I may know I am not alone

So that hopefully we may all have the strength to carry on the fight

To have heart

To keep our heads up and not give up

To keep breathing

In whatever ways we can


(keep breathing)


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