Upstream Backstroke in a Sea of Hypotheticals

My partner talking about intersectionality and his writing.

Confessions of an Urban Shaman

There was once a young cat who rushed headlong into brick walls…dumb ass broke his neck eventually. -anonymous

Recently I wrote a very heartfelt, soul exposing essay about blackness, all its facets and why solidarity is oh so important amongst us. I was very proud,so much so I egotistically tagged damn near every black person I knew. I was stoked. This is my manifesto, my grain of Truth.

Shit. I know people read it. I know it was appreciated, just not critically acclaimed. No 1000 views. No lengthy debate. I wasn’t asked to join the internet Black Elite. My idols still pay me no never mind as I fawn and devour their every minted word. Perhaps it just wasn’t good, and my compadres were being nice…

Man, this blogging shit is like trying to bust a walnut with your toes.

I read my mini magnum opus again, looking to see…

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