Well another year has come and gone…

I wish I could say I was filled with positivity and hope like so many of my peers and friends. 

Frankly, I feel mostly tired…tired but determined

Ready to continue the fight for equality in every way that I am able. 

Determined to continue working as hard as possible with my best friend and love to improve our financial situation, to do our best to dismantle the oppressive elements of our society, to not be complicit in other people’s oppression whenever physically possible, to keep working on improving ourselves, to keep working to be the best parents we can be. 

The last week has been a more personal struggle, the slow, enveloping, sinking, suffocating feeling of depression has been winding it’s cold, boney fingers around my heart. 

I am keeping on. 

That’s what I have right now.


It is enough. 

It has to be.


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