Survival as Resistance

Well here we are, just a few short days into this new administration.

I wish I could say that my fears had been assuaged in some way. I’m sure you have seen those same wishes go unfulfilled. Sadly, as is, if anything my fears have not been broad or sweeping enough. They have not prepared me fully for the loss of rights, assistance, and basic humanity that is looming over the horizon. Even having seen it coming, my partner and I are still reeling a bit, making plans, girding our figurative and literal defenses. We are still waiting to see what exactly comes next i suppose, before we know how to respond. 

For now that may just be part of life for many of the marginalized people, in America in this new even more openly callous regime. A dance that has always been complex and exhausting, especially for those most oppressed, IBPoC who have never gotten a break from the oppressive onslought, made more so by all new, boundaries, ceilings, naysayers, and indiscreet systemic sabotage. 

So I take what action i can to make a tangible difference. I do what I can to reach out, educate, call in, and do better. I make plans and plans and plans, an entire ocean of if/then cause and effect scenarios. I stay as connected as I can as a poor, disabled, chronically ill, neuro-atypical person, concurrently reaching out and holding space for others struggling, holding space for multiply marginalized folks and IBPoC who have struggles which may overlap with mine but are also so much different than mine. Reminding myself that we are not alone. I am not alone. I hold hope that you are not alone either.

My emotions are deep and wide on this one. I know I don’t have any answers, but I have a voice, and a will. I am listening and pushing on in the best way I am able. 

I am here and I am alive, today that will have to be enough. 
My love, faith, empathy, and solidarity to all who are struggling right now. I am here and I am listening. 

Keep breathing


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