A Bit About Me 

I am a queer, non-binary, trans masculine, chronically ill, neuro divergent, geeky, knitting, parent, partner, and social justice advocate.

I process through writing, many of us do. Most of what I write about is related to my chronic illness, gender identity, sexuality, Neuro divergence, being autistic, bigotry, and my family. I don’t write in an educational or informative voice, this is much more personal than that. This is just me.

If you like, connect with, empathize with, or even love the things you’ve read here and would like to be a part of my community and support team you can follow me on Facebook, make a one time contribution via PaypalBuy Me a Coffee, or check me out on Patreon.

Wow so, I was nominated for the Shine On and Reality blog awards by the sweet and most excellent Icingandcake at http://icingandcake.wordpress.com/ her poetry is lovely. …


Shine On Award


5 thoughts on “A Bit About Me 

  1. Thank you so much for the follow, it has given me the chance to read your writing and I can quite honestly say I’m honoured. You write so well and so beautifully and I can’t help but but sense not only pain but an independence that is defiant. Please keep writing! Can’t wait to explore it more! 😉

      1. No worries at all, I am so grateful to you for putting me on your blog roll, but most of all I do think you are a really good writer, it was the least I could do! 😉

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