Writers I Admire

My Loved Ones, Friends, and Compatriots from my communities, who also write:


Confessions of an Urban Shaman -Intersectional prose and essay magic from Milton Goosby

Cuile Effect – intersectional sci fi and powerful essays by Michon Neal

Motherhood Community – natural parenting and geekery blog from Kassondra Coxson

Because I’m Fabulous – personal blog exploring queer and neurodivergent identities from Michelle

Caroline Frechette’s Ice Cream For Zombies –  Writing, roleplaying, and storytelling. They offer a little bit of geeky everything. Their current comic speaks beautifully and painfully honestly about sexuality, neurodivergence, and mental illness. 

Leslie Kung’s Writer Page– fantasy, science fiction, and poetry by Leslie Kung

Aemeri Kenasen – Artistry, writing, Spiritual Guidance & Divination, Candles, and Doula Services by the truly divine human, Aemeri.

Postmodern Woman -online magazine examining the modern intersectional and multiply marginalized incarnations of womanhood, femininity, humanity, and feminism… along with a little bit of everything else.

Rhizome Syndrigast Coelacanth Flourishing– radical, anti-ageist, Black immigrant, intersectional feminist, polya, queer, andro enby, multimedia artist, and writer

Afromation Pottery – Denise Belt’s studio blog. She creates beautiful yarn, textiles, and pottery that celebrates and explores the power of black womanhood and femininity.